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Mama & Baby Edit

Even though I’m still wrestling umbrellas and trudging around in my blundstones, I’m dreaming of floaty dresses, florals, and the warmth of summer. I want to be Pearl the piglet walking through riotous pink wildflowers from this 1976 William Steig kids book, The Amazing Bone.

Illustration from The Amazing Bone by William Steig

This book, like much of Steig’s work, is pretty weird. I like it for a few reasons, mostly because Pearl personifies spring. She is young, exuberant, doesn’t want to go home because she’s so excited to be alive and have new experiences. She also finds a talking bone in the forest that she cares for, so she has an element of the mother as well. Check out the bone, tucked away in her purse, chatting with her as she canters among the tulips.

So here we are, thinking about the child and the mother.

Which leads me to the point of this Edit: one of my kid’s favorite teachers is having a baby soon and she asked me if I had any recommendations for her. Yes, I have a ton of opinions about what to get to prepare for a new baby and especially what she should treat herself to, a conversation I hear less often. For example, she’s probably going to want a great lounge set and robe, comfortable tops with buttons for nursing, and cozy cashmere socks.

Honey Honey is a great option to shop for the new parent and child. See something you love? Add it to your baby registry and forward to friends who are expecting!

Clothing for big people and little people

I’m so excited to share our new kids’ clothing. The dresses are gorgeously ethereal, with gossamer light fabrics, playful embroidery and details that promise to delight.

Mix and match joyful stripes and bright pink plaids. I really love this combination for kids.

And everyday cozy essentials for the newborn. I recommend this kimono style for newborns because they’re so delicate and tiny, it’s nice to not have to pull clothing over their head. Also socks that are really cute.

For the new mama, we have breezy, goddessy shirts and dresses with buttoned tops, perfect for spring and summer. Also robes, bras and loungewear from Pansy, and more.

Moismont Dress
Mom holding baby by a window wearing a cozy cream colored robe

A few more ideas for a baby registry

Truly the Honey Honey shop is designed to create a cozy home, and many (maybe all!) of our products are meant to serve a new mother. Here are a few stand outs:

If you’re looking for a fabulously luxurious gift for a new mother, I recommend this big, soft wool and cotton blanket, woven in Belgium. It’s unbelievably snuggly and warm and I promise, every member of the family will thank you.

This soap just smells so good! As someone who’s into the simple pleasures, I can’t get enough of this scent. Also new parents wash their hands alot. Why not make it a nice experience?

In my family there’s a long tradition of gifting a piece of jewelry to commemorate a birth.

Here is my offering to the new parent: a custom monogrammed gold pendant in two shapes, a circle and a faceted oval.

These talisman are meant to be worn every day and forever. The pictures below show mine. One pendant has my child’s initials and the other is monogrammed with my own. I like to wear them together and treasure them both.

Come visit us at the Honey Honey studio, I have so much to show you.