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All wrapped up in a bow for you, my favorite offerings for the holidays and beyond. Really it’s meant to serve this time of year, the cold darkness of winter. Read: Cozy. Sparkle. Warmth, like the glow and scent of the woodsy, enchanting Souchong Debut candle from Summer Solace. All I want is to surround myself with every single thing on this list and ring in the new year feeling warm and bright.


Lunar Calendar by Circle & Crescent — lovingly screen-printed in the Bay Area by one of my favorite designers, Paris Miller. The gilded moons sparkle over a saturated, richly printed background. We offer three colors: purple, sage green, and velvety black. It’s a sensory experience for those who love paper and the craft of printmaking.


Cashmere Socks by Hansel from Basel — A little bit of luxury, practical enough to be worn every day.


Kurlisuri Alpaca Wool Blanket by Uniq’uity — Everyone in my house is obsessed with this incredible textile. I can only liken it to the softest sheepskin of a blanket, and big! You’ll most likely find my dog, child and husband all curled up reading a book in this warm, generous blanket.


Softest Wool Scarf — From the french line Moismont, these scarves are incredibly soft and wearable. Make one of these wool treasures a part of your daily winter rituals, keeping warm and looking fashionable all day long.

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Souchong Debut Candle — As I mentioned before, this candle is intoxicating. It’s scent is wintery and woodsy, with notes of roasted souchong. Made by Summer Solace’s Megan Bre Camp, a local superwoman involved in the northern California fibershed movement.

Attar Moisturizing Balm — From San Francisco based Monastery Made, I am so excited to offer this apothecary collection. Athena Ellen, the creator, is crafting products with the highest quality and delicious, subtle floral scents that I can’t get enough of. This rich face balm is my absolute favorite, it’s what Cleopatra would have used for an experience of beauty and luxury.

Honey Honey Monogrammed Gold Necklaces — A collaboration between Honey Honey and Kristen Elspeth, this talisman is close to my heart, literally and figuratively. It’s a love token, solid gold, and we offer custom monogramming. Who’s name do you treasure and wish to wear close to the heart? A sweetheart, a child, a beloved ancestor?

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Beauty Formula no.7, GAMINE (a girl with mischievous charm) — So often beauty begins with a state of mind. This tincture, made by Alexis Smart, is one of our favorites, especially during the holidays. This tincture inspires confidence, a radiant complexion, a strong sense of self and charisma.

Floral Pajama set by Domi — A few of us at Honey Honey have had the ritual growing up of receiving pajamas on christmas eve. This is a sweet sentiment, to have a cozy, chic set of new pajamas for christmas morning and any time you want to elevate your pj game. This set in particular I find just so wearable, the blue and brown vintage inspired floral textile a delight for the eyes.

Turmeric Wellness Tea — Drink to your health. Made with care by the California tea company Leaves & Flowers, two divine women who are thinking deeply about plants as medicine.