On the one hand, the smell of apples and fresh rain, the soothing silence of the countryside, the tawny and reassuring warmth of red brick; on the other, the bright colours of a mysterious country and the bewitching scent of spices.
That’s Moismont. A need for authenticity and a return to our roots, tinged with a desire to escape, a touch of elsewhere amidst deep roots.
A family home whose walls echo with the laughter of children and the stories they have witnessed.

In winter, we put on rubber boots, an anorak, then wrap ourselves in a scarf to face the cold in the middle of the orchards. At nightfall, we warm ourselves around a fire, we chat, we listen to the crackling wood.

In the summer, jam workshops and seaside excursions punctuate the children’s holidays and after a hot day they wrap themselves in soft, light fabrics to enjoy the cool evening air.

Moismont is above all a house of values and traditions. You feel at home here, protected by its walls, the benevolent guardians of the family spirit.
A swirl ofscarfs with shimmering colors, an infinite variety of materials, an ancestral know-how. In India, there is a real culture of the scarf. It is daily, it warms or refreshes, it is precious.

That is why so much attention is paid to MATERIAL . The techniques of dyeing, weaving and printing have been passed down from generation to generation. Three different crafts, each of which is the repository of a unique know-how that guarantees the quality of the finished product.
France and India meet in Moismont. Our scarves are made in the Indian tradition, and kneaded with a comforting and friendly softness.

Our designs are created by Adrien Testard, a textile designer based in Paris.

Behind a Moismont scarf, we take shelter, we warm ourselves, we cry, we laugh, we live, as if behind the walls of a family home.