Your Bag

The idea for Honey Honey arose

from the sparkling waves of my subconscious.

Painting by Claudia Keep

At the time I had a new baby and suddenly the home became very important to me, my whole universe. I looked to small rituals and moments of beauty to anchor myself as days with a new child passed. Through Honey Honey, I wanted to create offerings to invite ease and delight into our everyday lives. I looked to these things that can make our normie experiences a little sweeter, more decadent, more lovely. Even something as simple as soap, for example, how washing our hands can feel special when the scent is just sumptuous and delicious.

And so Honey Honey began as a shop with some of my favorite things: antique jewelry, tea, candles and a few other treasures that friends were making. Things meant to bring comfort and to feather the nest.

Honey Honey the shop also exists in a studio

in Berkeley and one day a friend asked me to teach a watercolor class. I’d chosen the studio space for the natural light and because it had just enough space to gather a few friends. Gathering and making art felt more important than ever, so I happily said yes. The watercolor workshop went so well, classes continued. Preparing for the class also inspired my first podcast. Now we have a variety of ongoing classes and gatherings, taught by myself and fabulous guest teachers.

“Whatever we do, we must create. Be it quilting, writing or painting, we are creative beings. All of us. And we must create.”

Let me introduce myself

My name is Jessica Niello- White and I’m an artist, teacher and mother. I’m always drawn towards creating and learning, especially the stories of things, materials and process. Here’s a playlist of some tunes that I think are great for working in the studio and getting into a flow state. I recommend building yourself a hut, then close the door. Turn on some tunes and make art. Or just enjoy this playlist while waking up over coffee.

I also love the history of things, how something has existed and evolved in the world, developing a kind of burnish and magic. History, art history especially, lights me up. The story behind a beautiful piece of jewelry or Cleopatra or the story of a Venetian building on the grand canal, these things draw me in. What inspired these extraordinary lives, things, places? And how can these stories inspire us today?

My invitation to you, dear reader, is to join in. Come to a workshop, join our newsletter and become a part of our community.

“I wish that life should not be cheap, but sacred,
I wish the days to be as centuries, loaded, fragrant.”